Wedding FAQ's

I would like to book my wedding at The Pavilion at Saddleback. What do I do now?

We’re delighted you’ve chosen us for your special day! We make it as simple as possible. You can contact one of our wedding team members to set up a contract signing as well as payment of your $2,000 non-refundable deposit. Contracts can be done in person or via email; and we can take payment in person or over the phone - whatever works best for you! Once this is done, your date is held specifically for you and your planning can start.

Can I hold a date?

Due to the high demand for our venue, the only way to secure your date is with a non-refundable deposit.  

All available dates are booked on a “first come, first served basis.”

When are payments due?

A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 is due at booking. Two weeks before your wedding, we require final guest counts, decisions on food, etc. We will update your contract and take the remainder due at that time. You may also make periodic payments between booking and final payment. 

We accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

What if I have to cancel?

We hope this will not happen, but if you do need to cancel, your initial deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel before 2 weeks, any payments made in addition to the deposit will be refunded. All payments for cancellations made less than 14 days before the wedding are non-refundable.

Can I have only a ceremony at The Pavilion?

No, we do ceremonies only with receptions.

Do you offer food tastings?

Absolutely.  All of our menu items are made from scratch on site and we would be happy to customize a menu for your needs. We hold group tastings semi-annually.  One complimentary tasting is available for two people and additional guests are welcome for a fee.  

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No, we have a liquor license. Colorado law does not allow outside alcohol to be brought on the premises. 

We are happy to customize a package just for you.

Can I hire my own Vendors?

Yes – you will need to hire a few…and there are no added fees to do so. You will choose your own officiant, photographer, DJ, and baker. We do have agreements we send out so that outside vendors know what to expect and your wedding will run smoothly.

What’s the next step after booking my wedding?

You will be introduced to one or two members of our wedding team. All of them are able to help with plans and questions. Also, approximately 14-30 days before your wedding, we will meet with you for an in-depth meeting to finalize all of your wedding details.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No, you will receive a contract before leaving your deposit. There will be additional changes only if you add guests or additional items to your wedding day.

What is the service charge?

The service charge is a 20% fee charged on all Pavilion services. Service charges are industry standard. Your contract will show a breakdown of the costs, including the service charge, which covers the costs of The Pavilion’s staff for your event. 

Gratuities (tips) are included, and our staff does not accept additional gratuities.

Is there a guest minimum or a food and beverage minimum?

There is not a guest minimum. For the comfort of your guests, we do require all weddings provide food – with an appetizer buffet as a minimum. There are no beverage minimums and you are not required to have alcohol at your event.

What if it rains?

Don't worry - we have it covered!  Generally, Colorado rain comes through quickly.  

In that case, we will hold your ceremony and let the rain pass through.  

In the very unlikely event that it rains continuously, we will hold the ceremony inside the pavilion. 

Can our final guest count change?

Your guest count will certainly change from your initial estimate. RSVPs are sometimes late to come in (and require a few phone calls), so we don’t require your final count until 14 days before your wedding—the same time your final payment is due. If your final count suddenly increases less than 14 days before your event, let us know immediately so we can make the necessary adjustments to accommodations and to avoid extra surcharges on your contract. If your guest count goes down, you will still be held to your previous final guest count price.

Do I need to hire a wedding planner?

Most of our couples do not hire wedding planners. We have an experienced staff to give advice before the wedding, and we have a list of vendors other couples have recommended. We provide coordination on the wedding day with vendors and guests. If you need personal services not provided by us or your vendors, you may certainly hire a planner and we will be happy to work with him/her.

Will we be allowed to have a rehearsal?

Yes! All weddings are provided an un-staffed rehearsal 1-3 days before your wedding – depending on availability.

Are children welcome at my wedding?

Of course! For their safety and their parent’s enjoyment, we recommend groups with children arrange off-site child care post ceremony/reception/photos. 

Saddleback does not provide staff to monitor children. 

There are steep ledges, water hazards, and other attractive nuisances nearby.

Is there a price difference for children?

Children aged two and under are free, but we still need to know how many are coming for seating purposes. 

Children 3-10 are at a reduced fee for food. Anyone under 21 is not counted for alcohol purposes.

Do I need a seating chart?

To make your wedding run smoothly, under certain circumstances, we require a seating chart. If your guest count is over 100, or if you are serving plated meals and have more than one entrée option, we require a seating chart with meal selections. 

Can I bring my own decorations?

Sure! We love when couples bring in personal touches—just make sure you run everything by one of our team members (For example, bringing rice, unsecured paper, or confetti will result in cleaning fees. Open flames are prohibited.) We can even advise you about what sort of décor would work well with your vision and theme! So that all of your guests can enjoy the day, all décor brought will be placed by our staff on your wedding day.

Who will be my main contact the day of the event?

You will have a main contact who will be at your 14-day walk-thru. A lead team member will be available to you for the entirety of your wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly!

How many hours in advance of my wedding will I have access to the facility?

The grounds are available for photos up to three hours before your ceremony. The bridal suite is also available for the bridal party up to three hours before your ceremony. 

What AV equipment do you provide?

We provide one microphone and a large screen TV. The microphone does not reach the ceremony site. You should ask your DJ about music and microphone for your ceremony.

Can I bring in my own catering?

The Pavilion at Saddleback has a full-service catering restaurant. 

We will allow outside catering if you have a cultural requirement we are not able to fulfill.

Do you offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc?

While we are not certified gluten or allergy free, we are happy to prepare meals without added gluten/vegan/etc. All special dietary requests will need to be provided 2 weeks before your event. You will need to provide a seating chart with the location of the guests needing special requests. In order to serve everyone efficiently, we cannot honor any special requests during the event that are not pre-arranged. 

There are no added fees for special requests.

Can we take home the leftover food?

Liability issues prohibit any food or beverages to be taken off the premises. You may take home leftover cake brought in by your vendor.

Files coming soon.